My Ten Year Reflection: I’m Doing OK Mom!

I remember those early conversations. Mostly with a smile! The ones with my wife, Susan. When we decided to leap together into the unknown world of entrepreneurship and small business. The ones with my Vice-President. When I broke the news that I was leaving my amazing job to follow my passion. And that one with my mom. When she questioned my reasoning! Because seriously, “Who in their right mind ever gives up the security and benefits of a government job?”

It was in fact the best decision of my career. A decision that in many ways wasn’t really a decision at all. Sure, there were alternatives to explore, with pros and cons to weigh.  But in the end there was no true choice. It was the obvious and logical next step along my life path.

Have you ever experienced fear and excitement in the exact same moment? Well, that was me in the spring of 2008.

And now, ten years later, I wake up every day feeling somewhat uneasy. Just for a minute. Expecting ‘someone’ to tap me on the shoulder and say, “It’s time to go back to work.”

Not that it hasn’t felt like work. It’s been a tremendous amount of work. Nothing I’d ever expected or experienced. But what a gift! To be in a position to help people, teams and organizations engage in meaningful conversations and to witness the impact of my work absolutely reinforces my decision back in 2008.

I could not have done it without YOU – my clients, participants, staff, sub-contractors, vendors and friends. Thank you for your business, for your trust and for your support. 

Let’s continue to make the next ten years REMARKABLE! And if you see my mom, please tell her I’m doing OK. It’s all worked out GREAT!



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