Celebrating the POWER of Facilitation – with the ABCs!

iaf week 2

It is International Facilitation Week 2015 – seven days dedicated to showcasing the benefits of facilitation and the skills of facilitators.

To celebrate, Barefoot Facilitation Inc. is excited to share our Facilitation ABCs. They represent just a few of the practical lessons we’ve learned as we create facilitation and training solutions that are relaxed and informal. And of course we do it all with our shoes off!
Download a PDF Version here: Facilitation ABCs

A.                ACKNOWLEDGE diverse learning styles and ADJUST your methods
B.                BE on time and stay on time
C.                CREATE space for conversations that are meaningful
D.               DON’T interrupt the group while they are reflecting on your question
E.                ELIMINATE distractions in the space to best enable focused conversation
F.                FEED participants well – really, really well!
G.               GIVE praise – acknowledge participants’ great work and successes
H.               HAVE extras of handouts, pens, markers and other supplies
I.                IMAGINE that you’re a huge success even before you start!
J.                JUST relax…and be yourself!
K.               KEEP instructions clear and concise
L.               LISTEN actively and with the intent to understand
M.             MAKE time for movement within the space
N.              NOD your head to demonstrate that you’re truly listening
O.              OBSERVE the group and adjust your plan as needed
P.               PRINT clearly and in block letters when using a flipchart
Q.              QUESTION with purpose to encourage reflection and appreciation
R.              RESIST using humour for the sake of humour
S.               SPEAK loud and clear – with enthusiasm!
T.              TELL participants the instructions, and then tell them again
U.              USE eye contact appropriately to make a connection
V.              VARY your voice tone and volume
W.             WATCH for challenging behaviours and be ready with strategies
X.              X – hmmm, don’t just make something up to appear smart!
Y.              YIELD to participants to share their expertise and experiences
Z.              ZERO in on individual needs and preferences


Learn more about International Facilitation Week 2015 here:


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