NEW Guide for Interprofessional Education Facilitators

The Dalhousie Faculty of Health Professions is pleased to launch a guide for interprofessional education (IPE) facilitators.  And Gerard Murphy, president, Barefoot Facilitation Inc. is pleased to have co-authored this exciting new resource!

What really brings interprofessional health education (IPHE) to life for students is relevant and meaningful team work experiences in a practice setting.  This is where the contributions of experienced and knowledgeable professionals serving in the role of a facilitator for an interprofessional student team is absolutely critical.  In contrast to being a preceptor for a student, an IPHE facilitator does not need to be a content expert in any or all of the professions represented on a student team.

“Interprofessional Collaboration in Practice: A Guide for Strengthening Student Learning Experiences” supports professionals in gaining the confidence and competence to undertake this important role of facilitator.

Learn more about the Guide and the forms and resources included:  link to Dalhousie website

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